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Cable in the Classroom

Workshop #122:  Internet Literacy

April 23, 2002

Instructor: Stacy Dimmick



I)                    Introduction and Objectives

a)       Identify the characteristics of media and Internet literacy.

b)       Evaluate Internet sites for authenticity, point of view and underlying messages.

c)       Assess Internet sites for appropriateness for educational settings.

d)       Access information efficiently and effectively.

e)       Promote Internet Literacy and Safety in my classroom.



II)                   What is Media Literacy?  What is Internet Literacy?

a)       Examine Cable in the Classroom Materials at

(1)     For a definition, click on Programming and Resources, Click on Media Literacy or go to

(2)     For critical viewing tips, click on Taking Charge of your TV, then click on Applying Media Literacy Concepts to the News or go to



III)                 Why do I need to use Critical Viewing Skills do with Internet Resources? What are the necessary skills?

a)       Why?  Anecdotal information

(1)     “Urban legends” email; click on or go to

(2)     Examples of student work

b)       What are the skills?

(1)     Determining readability (including visuals and text)/appropriateness for educational purposes – Do readability check using MicrosoftWord

(2)     Evaluating web site authenticity and point of view

(3)     Recognizing underlying message and marketing techniques

(4)     Activity:  Evaluating Web Sites

(5)     Activity: Evaluating Web Sites 2



IV)               How do I access information efficiently and effectively?

V)      Use Web Portals or MegaSites

VI)    Use Search Engines

VII)   For a list of search engines, go to Click on Kathy Schrock, click on Internet Information, select the Internet Search Engines tab or go to

VIII)                        Activity:  Seven Steps Toward Better Searching

IX)     Activity:  Try your same search using another search engine such as Google at, a metasearch engine such as IXQuick at or a web directory like Yahoo at

X)       Bookmark sites in Netscape or add them to your Favorites menu in Explorer

XI)     Have young students use a filtered search engine such as Yahooligans at Ask Jeeves Kids at



XII)                How do I promote Internet Literacy and safety in my classroom?

XIII)  By having clear expectations/school acceptable use policy (see for some examples)

XIV) By pre-screening resources

XV)  By managing the Internet experience using bookmarks/personal web page or Web Quest models

XVI) By teaching students how to evaluate resources for authenticity and point of view

XVII)           By having students search safely



XVIII)      Evaluation

XIX)  Complete the evaluation at

                        Course Title: Internet Literacy #122 Course code: intl

XX)           Registration Questions: Please contact Susan MacKinnon at