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Creating WebQuest Lesson Plans

(Workshop #211)




Day One


Take our pre-workshop survey


Welcome and Introductions


1.      Teachers will learn how to frame a WebQuest inquiry for students.

2.      Teachers will learn how to find web sites that are safe and informative.

3.      Teachers will design a WebQuest for classroom use.



Overview of WebQuests

  1. Individual Exploration of WebQuests:  Visit Bernie Dodge’s Matrix of Examples
  2. Interactive Discussion:  What is a WebQuest?
  3. Brainstorming and Topic Selection:  Read Selecting a WebQuest Project



Creating a WebQuest

1.        Using a template:  See Handout

2.       Writing the Task: Read Uncovering the Question/Task. For additional suggestions and/or ideas for tasks, read A Taskonomy of Tasks.

3.       Gathering Resources: Go to Cable in the Classroom and check out the resources there, particularly Kathy Schrock’s page, which can be accessed from

4.       Creating Hyperlinks: See handout

5.       Saving bookmarks and exporting them to a disk:  See handout



HW:  Read The WebQuest Design Process at Focus on the section titled “Scaffold Thinking.”  Work on the Process and Resources section of your WebQuest.



Day Two


Review and regroup


  1. Peer Feedback:  Pair up and use the attached rubric to evaluate each other’s WebQuests
  2. Work Independently: Revise WebQuest


Continue Creating the WebQuest


  1. Write the Introduction: Read the “Introduction” from “Building Blocks of a WebQuest”
  2. Write the Conclusion: Read the  “Conclusion” from “Building Blocks of a WebQuest”
  3. Create Evaluation tool:  Use Rubistar, an online tool for teachers

Distributing the WebQuest to Students

Brainstorm and discuss possibilities


Evaluation of Training Session

Complete the post-workshop survey

                        Course Title: WebQuest Lesson Plans

                        Course code: webq


Instructor:  Stacy Dimmick