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Charles W. Woodward 
Class of 1987
15 Year Reunion

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Date: Saturday, November 30, 2002

Time:  7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. 

Place:  South Beach Restaurant and Bar
 7904 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD

Cost:  $25.00/per person
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"Missing" Classmates



Please help us find these people! If you have contacted or know how we can contact any of them about the reunion, please click here to email Stacy Farrar Dimmick.  Any information you have, such as the state where they are living, will help us to track them down. 


Tae Ahn  Asaf Geffen Chan Kim * John Ottenritter FOUND? Mike Semsker FOUND!
Fred Allen Gayle Getz FOUND! Mike Kindle George Owens FOUND? Chain Sheng
Farzad Azad FOUND! Amy Gobel Carolina Lagos Jessica Pacheco Patricia Shen
Michelle Barnes  FOUND! Jeff Grief  FOUND? Mark Lazar Jose Perez  Rob  Sherwood FOIUND!
Adam Bernstein FOUND! Francisco Guerra * Edward Lee Abdollah Pirzadeh * John Shih *
Michael Boswell * Mike Hackett  Kyung-Jin Lee Maria Pineda * Anie Sklar
Anthony Bryant FOUND! Katriona Hay FOUND! Chein Liao  Pam Raitt Gus Smith FOUND!
Dianne Burgess FOUND? Robert Hill Louis Lobel FOUND! Janice Raub FOUND! Kimberly Sokolsky FOUND!
Ronald Bush  Tasuki Hirata FOUND! Eli Lourie FOUND! Kimberly Redman * Nathalie Stanislavsky
Rim Butkus FOUND? Jun He FOUND! Kim Luk FOUND! Alicia Reich Kim Striker FOUND!
Jessica Caplan FOUND! Nathan Hitchcock FOUND! Graeme Marshall  Julie Renjillian Teddy Tanaka FOUND!
John Chang FOUND? Ahn Hopgood FOUND! Terry McDonough Lynne Reinstra * Gordon Tatum FOUND!
Tim Chavez FOUND! Ilana Houseknecht FOUND! Daniel McMullen  Steven Robinson Hai Tran FOUND!
Jeff Coberly * Lucy Huff FOUND! Jose Medina FOUND! Erik Rolf FOUND! Alejandro Torres FOUND!
Hung-Hieu Dang FOUND! Pierre Ikourou Roderigo Mejias Valeria Santana Shahin Vafai FOUND!
Andrew Davis * Hillary Isquith FOUND! Asaf Mendelson Jennifer Sarasky  * Carlos Vela
Robert Dorman Cheryl Jaffe Francine Menguf Maire Sarsfield Josh Weisberg FOUND!
Maureen Dwyer Sidone Jocktaine Tim Michalik FOUND! Mohammed Sarmadi David Wilson FOUND!
Todd Edmister Bum Jung * Brian Mishoe FOUND? Amy Schneider * Hwa Yoon 
Tracy Edmister Robin Kahn FOUND! David Moffett FOUND! Stephen Schneider * Min Yun
Ladan Farhati David Karp FOUND! Kara Morgan Steven Schuble FOUND! Anna Zmudka 
Kambiz Ganjiampour FOUND! Kami Kearney FOUND! Arezoo Mostowfi Reza Sedghi FOUND!
Mike Kelleher FOUND! Tiburce Mve

Status:   189 Found, 61 remaining to be Found

* may have located via sibling in WJ directory (14)

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Last updated November 26, 2002