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 Rubric for Assessing Hotlists


Needs Improvement
Probably not a Hotlist

A solid draft

Ready for Blue Web'n

Topic Selection

Topic does not lend itself to the use of the web.

There may be some good web resources for this topic.

Using the web to explore this topic would enhance student learning.


Insufficient number of websites or inappropriate selection of websites.

Websites address the topic and, for the most part, are educationally sound and appropriate.

Websites address the topic, are educationally sound, appropriate for the age or grade level of students, and address various learning styles and/or aspects of the topic.


Some or all links are not working.

Most links are working.

All links are working. Titles or names of websites, rather than just urls, have been used as the link.


There is little or no description of each site.

Some desriptors have been provided but it may be difficult to differentiate between various sites.

Appropriate descriptors are provided for all websites. It is easy for the learner to differentiate among the sites and to determine which ones to visit.


Hotlist is not in table format or design features may significantly detract from the list itself.

Table format has been used. Some attempt has been made to explore design features such as font and color.

The hotlist is in table format. Fonts and colors enhance the page.


There is no indication of who created this page.

The author of the page is identified.

The author of the page is identified by name and school.  Author's e-mail is available to use for feedback.




Adapted from:  Tom March. “Assessing Webquests.” (Online) 24 July 2001.